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Can you name the achievements of New Zealanders (in celebration of the 170th Anniversary of New Zealand)?

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On 31st March 1903, this man flew his home-constructed aircraft 150 yards in what is thought by some to be the world's first flight
On 29th May 1953, with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, this Kiwi became the first to reach the summit of Mt. Everest
This activity of jumping from a height, attached by a long elastic harness was first introduced commercially by AJ Hackett in 1988
Which New Zealand Motorcylist set an under-1000cc World Record in 1967 which still stands today?
This type of small vessel – the first of its kind – was developed in the 1950s by Bill Hamilton
This vehicle, designed by Alan Gibbs, is the first car to be able to drive on both land and water at high speeds
In 1894, this woman was elected mayor of Onehunga, becoming the first female mayor in the world.
This public holiday is a celebration of New Zealand becoming the first country in the world to introduce the 8 hour working day
Morris Yock invented these in 1957 based on the woven Japanese footwear known as Zōri
This popular soft drink, invented in Paeroa in 1907, has the slogan 'World Famous in New Zealand Since Ages Ago'
This director made the first fantasy film to ever win the Academy Award for Best Picture
This ice-cream flavour, one of the most popular in New Zealand, consists of plain vanilla mixed with small solid lumps of honeycomb toffee
Referee William Atack, in a world first, stopped a game of sport in 1888 using this device
This famous Kiwi meringue-based dessert is named after a Russian ballet dancer who visited in 1926
Brothers David and Andrew Akers created this unique activity of riding inside a giant plastic ball down a slope
This scientist was awarded the Nobel Prize for becoming the first person in the world to split the atom in 1919
This pharmacist invented the world’s first disposable syringe, as well as the first tranquiliser gun and child-proof medicine container.
This yachting club became the first outside of the US to win, and successfully defend, the America’s Cup
This mechanical engineer designed a world-record setting motorcycle with innovative features, still used today, named the Britten V100
This athlete broke the world mile record and later won two gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics in 1964
This person led the women’s suffrage movement to make New Zealand the first country in the world to give women the right to vote in 1893

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