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Caesar proposes a governorship of what province to Brutus?
Who is the husband of Niobe's sister Lyde, as well as the father of Niobe's son Lucius?
What object in the Senate House inflames Cassius's hatred of Caesar?
What trade does Pullo inform Vorenus that young Lucius is learning?
How many sestertii does Octavian borrow against Caesar's will?
Why did Erastes Furman take Lucius Vorenus's children?
What alias does Pompey use while fleeing from Caesar?
What political office does Antony hold early in the first season?
Gaia saves Pullo from death at the hands of whom?
How many pounds of gold does Herod give to Antony for protection?
What does Cleopatra tell Octavian that he has just before she dies?
Over what facet of politics does Vorenus argue with Posca?
What promise to Cicero does Antony fulfill after Cicero has been killed?
When Antony, Octavian, and Lepidus divide the empire into three sections, which one does Lepidus get?
Who is referred to as 'third man,' sometimes derisively?
Who insists quite vehemently to Atia that he 'is not an animal'?
To what legendary legion of Caesar do Vorenus and Pullo belong?
What prompts the argument between Pullo and Vorenus that ends with Vorenus banishing Pullo from his home?
Where was Herod's shipment of gold to Antony supposed to dock?
What are Octavia and Jocasta smoking that prompts Atia to scold Octavia?

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