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What gives Harry away to Kevin after Harry almost runs him over with his van?
What is Kevin about to eat when Harry and Marv show up to rob his house the second time?
In Angels with Filthy Souls, how much does Snakes tell Johnny he owes him?
What is Kevin's family amazed to learn that he did while they were gone?
Kevin's mom goes from Chicago to Paris to Dallas to. . . .?
Kevin's parents forgot Kevin. What did Uncle Frank forget?
What instrument does John Candy's character play?
What is the total for the ten pizzas the family orders the night before they leave?
What should Fuller go easy on?
Marv asks Harry: 'Why the hell you dressed like a _______?'
What does salt turn bodies into, according to Buzz?
What is Kevin's favorite kind of pizza?
How does Kevin's dad dry off the plane tickets?
What nickname does Buzz tell Kevin belongs to old man Marley?
What, according to Harry, is Marv scared of?
What nickname do Harry and Marv give the McCallister house?
With which foot does Marv step on a nail?
What movie is playing on television in France?
What song plays while the McCallisters run through the airport?
What nickname does Buzz give to Kevin when he doesn't knock before entering his room?

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