Top 20 Most Depressing Movies

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Director/Lead Actor/Lead ActressMovieExtra
Darren Aronofsky/Jared Leto/Jennifer Connelly
Robert Redford/Timothy Hutton/Mary Tyler Moore
Philip Kaufman/Geoffrey Rush/Kate Winslet
Steven Spielberg/Liam Neeson/Ben KingsleyNot calling Kingsley a woman, but no really recognizable actress in the film
Lee Daniels/Mo'NiqueHope a lead actor is not needed for this one
Ted Demme/Johnny Depp/Penelope Cruz
Mike Figgis/Nicholas Cage/Elisabeth Shue
Alan Pakula/Meryl Streep/Kevin Kline
Clint Eastwood/Morgan Freeman/Hilary Swank
Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu/Sean Penn/Naomi Watts
Director/Lead Actor/Lead ActressMovieExtra
Frank Darabont/Tom Hanks/Michael Clarke Duncan
Michael Cimino/Robert DeNiro/Christopher Walken
Vadim Perelman/Ben Kingsley/Shohreh Aghdashloo
Tony Kaye/Edward Norton/Beverly D'Angelo
Richard Kelly/Jake Gyllenhaal/Drew Barrymore
David Fincher/Brad Pitt/Morgan Freeman
Steven Spielberg/Haley Joel Osment/Jude Law
Nick Cassavetes/Ryan Gosling/Rachel MacAdams
John Hillcoat/Viggo Mortensen/Charlize Theron
Park Chan Wook/Choi Min-sik/Yu Jee-tae

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