Same Spelling, Different Language II

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Can you name the words that are spelled the same in two different languages?

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Definition 1WordDefinition 2
Devoid of coveringA lymphatic organ, often idiomatically 'vented' (Basque)
Long toothWet soil (Catalan)
Hole or trenchUpper body (Catalan)
Spoiled childClose male relative (Croatian)
To make an excavation2nd person pronoun (Danish)
Bird or chesspieceBy-product of fire (Dutch)
Metal currencyWhere two sides meet (French)
Hurt or distressA staple food made with flour and yeast (French)
Fog or hazeRubbish, refuse (German)
More loving or considerateOffspring (German)
Definition 1WordDefinition 2
Title for a manCurds without the whey (Serbian)
Young foxLarge aquatic mammal (Serbian)
Greatest quantityConnection, especially over a gap (Serbian)
Aluminum containerSpirit, vital component (Turkish)
A leafy green related to cabbageA military stronghold (Turkish)
To decipher written speech (Spanish)Tanned animal skin (Dutch)
The end of the excretory tract (Spanish)365.25 days (Portuguese)
Period of existence (Spanish)Spirally-threaded metal fastener (Turkish)
Large settlement (Dutch)Halt! (Irish)
Large African feline (Latin)Between yesterday and tomorrow (Swahili)

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