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Can you name the words missing from these disproven theories?

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Theory: summarymissing word(s)disproven/superceded by...
Lamarckism: ___________ characteristics can be inherited.Repeated observations, modern genetic theory
Miasma theory of disease: Diseases are caused by________Germ theory of disease
Spontaneous generation: Some animals grow directly from ___________.Biogenesis, germ theory, cell theory
Caloric theory: Heat is a _________.Theory of heat
Aether: Space is filled with an substance through which _____ travels.The Michelson-Morley experiment, early quantum mechanics
Arisotelian physics: The world is made of four ______; everything else is made of a 'heavenly aether'.The works of Alnacen, al-Biruni, Galileo, and many others
The 'plum pudding' model: ________ sit in, and are balanced out by, a 'pudding' or 'soup' of __________.Rutherford's gold foil experiment
Theory: summarymissing word(s)disproven/superceded by...
Geocentric theory: All objects in the universe revolve around ________The works of Ibn al-Shatir and Copernicus
Humoralism: The body contains four ________ which control health and temperament.The works of Rhazes, Avenzoar, and Ibn al-Nafis
Steady State theory: New matter is being continually _________. Discovery of cosmic background radiation, Big Bang theory
Phrenology: A person's __________ can be determined by the shape of his/her _________.Modern neuroscience and psychology
Recapitulation theory: __________ creatures go through stages that reveal their ___________.The works of von Baer, modern embryology
Phlogiston theory: ___________ is caused by an invisible liquid escaping from a material.The works of Lavoisier

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