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Can you name the words that could be compound words, but aren't?

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Component DefinitionsWordWord Definition
audibly chew + familysmall person
vehicle + countryfragrant pink or red flower
fine-particled soil + greater amounttwo-handed broadsword
human male + a particular daycommand or decree
lateral surface + scalds or charsa partial beard, 'mutton chops'
mischievous child + tradition-based knowledgeto beg or plead
sharp fastener + charged particlesmall-toothed gear
siesta + familysmall cloth or paper used for cleaning or diapering
average + small cutan white edible root
Component DefinitionsWordWord Definition
to sew along an edge + security deviceSocrate's poison
vehicle + domesticated animalfloor covering
to slay + antlered ruminantvociferous American plover
curved line + involuntary movementrelating to the far north
sticky black substance + shallow cooking dishsmall wild horse
to need to + lingering pain facial hair
swine + long period of timerelative of the dove
at a great distance + an objectformer British currency
tibia + to make a holelarge dance or party

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