Memories Dumbledore Shows Harry

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Can you name the the memories Dumbledore shows Harry in his 6th year??

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Voldemort's mother is in it. 1st Dumbledore shows Harry A. House of Gaunt B. A Sluggish Memory C. Hermione's Helping Hand
Riddle's wardrobe catches fire and he gets some cash.A. Silver and Opals B. Caractacus Burke C. The Secret Riddle
Voldemort meets his dad and his uncle.A. Tom Riddle's Revenge B. Marvin's Ring C. House of Gaunt
Black mist engulfs Voldemort while he compliments Professor Slughorn.A. Borgin and Burke's B. A Sluggish Memory C. The Beetle at Bay
Voldemort brings an old lady flowers and is rewarded with a locket.A. Winky's Memory B. The Cup and the Locket C. Hepzibah Smith
Voldemort needs a job, but is turned down.A. Armando Dippet's Choice B. Lord Voldemort's Request C. The Greatest Wizard of Them All
The black mist fades, and Voldemort goes 'bestial'.A. The Black Mist Descending B. Borgin and Burke's C. Horcruxes

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