NBA Top 200 Scorers (2000-13)

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Primary Team, Pos.PlayersPoints
Lakers, G*27377
Mavericks, F*23231
Celtics, G/F*21803
Cavaliers, F*21081
Spurs, F/C*19254
Nets, G*19203
Timberwolves, F*18778
Wizards, F*18668
SuperSonics, G*18435
Nuggets, F*17846
76ers, G17550
Mavericks, G*16629
Heat, G*16453
Magic, G/F*16259
Suns, F*16113
Hawks, G*15927
Suns, G*15585
Grizzlies, F/C*15535
Pistons, G*15069
Spurs, G*14917
Clippers, F*14615
SuperSonics, F*14590
Nuggets, G*14582
Warriors, G/F*14472
Suns, F/C*14242
Pistons, G*14101
Raptors, F*13970
Lakers, C13909
Knicks, G*13664
Trail Blazers, F*13138
Hornets, G12961
Warriors, G/F*12961
Kings, G12846
Nets, F*12753
Magic, C*12731
Pacers, F*12639
Clippers, G/F*12552
Kings, F12368
Thunder, F*12258
Pacers, F/C*12143
Jazz, F*12098
Bucks, G11972
Nets, G*11901
Pacers, F*11820
Lakers, F*11522
Wizards, G11402
Pistons, F/C*11336
Wizards, F*11320
Knicks, G11106
Spurs, G*10819
Hornets, F*10782
Magic, F*10675
Bulls, G*10636
76ers, G/F*10460
Jazz, G*10386
Hawks, F*10371
Timberwolves, F/C*10318
Hornets, G*10311
Rockets, G10200
Mavericks, G/F10197
Grizzlies, G/F*10194
Pistons, F*10163
Warriors, G*10034
Celtics, F9908
Bulls, F*9848
Kings, G*9805
Cavaliers, C9761
Primary Team, Pos.PlayersPoints
Bobcats, F*9600
Pistons, G/F*9551
Celtics, G/F9476
Bucks, G9455
Pacers, F*9329
Trail Blazers, F*9298
Rockets, C9247
Grizzlies, F*9205
Jazz, F*9202
Nuggets, F*9168
Kings, C9063
Rockets, G9058
Pacers, G/F*9027
Hawks, F8890
Bucks, G*8736
Kings, F8735
Lakers, G*8718
Rockets, F*8610
Knicks, F*8584
Wizards, G8561
Jazz, F/C8561
Raptors, G/F8502
Bulls, G*8414
Timberwolves, G/F8350
SuperSonics, G8328
Nuggets, G/F*8171
Cavaliers, F*8111
Grizzlies, F*8110
Bobcats, G*8107
Clippers, G/F*8032
Warriors, F/C*7860
Kings, G/F*7847
Thunder, G*7832
Nuggets, F/C*7793
Bucks, G/F7767
Suns, G/F*7744
Nets, G*7670
Raptors, G/F7628
Suns, G*7566
Heat, G7416
Magic, G*7364
Bucks, F7306
Mavericks, F*7270
Bobcats, F/C*7256
SuperSonics, G*7246
Jazz, F7221
Clippers, C*7122
76ers, G/F*7117
Knicks, F/C*7110
Suns, G6998
Bobcats, F*6891
Bulls, C*6882
Bulls, C*6820
Nuggets, F6757
Trail Blazers, G*6749
Rockets, G6739
Jazz, F*6713
Rockets, F*6645
Nuggets, F/C*6632
Grizzlies, G6626
Raptors, F/C*6581
Knicks, G/F6550
Trail Blazers, G/F6536
Jazz, F6461
76ers, C*6157
Hornets, G6156
Hawks, F*6145
Primary Team, Pos.PlayersPoints
Trail Blazers, G*6136
Knicks, G*6112
Pistons, G6081
Knicks, G/F6032
Pistons, F6018
Bucks, F*5994
Trail Blazers, G5968
Heat, F*5954
Bucks, F5947
Trail Blazers, F5946
Wizards, G/F*5930
Jazz, F5887
SuperSonics, F*5879
Bulls, G*5858
Raptors, G*5852
Grizzlies, G*5839
Kings, G5832
Nets, C*5816
Pistons, F5756
Kings, G*5715
76ers, G*5709
76ers, F*5661
Nuggets, G5588
SuperSonics, G*5581
Hawks, C*5572
Raptors, G*5561
Nets, F5536
Wizards, C*5503
Pacers, G5487
76ers, G*5480
Pistons, G*5479
Grizzlies, G*5415
Bulls, F5415
Wizards, G5404
Thunder, F*5401
Timberwolves, G*5395
Bucks, C*5365
Mavericks, C5359
Celtics, G5356
Hawks, C*5345
Pistons, C5344
76ers, F5282
Bucks, F5264
SuperSonics, G5258
Hornets, G/F5252
Celtics, G*5251
SuperSonics, F/C*5150
Trail Blazers, G5098
Pistons, F5090
Magic, G*5067
Hornets, F/C5051
Timberwolves, C5040
Hornets, F*5031
Clippers, G5021
Grizzlies, C*5013
Heat, F*4980
Timberwolves, F*4979
Grizzlies, F*4947
Bucks, G*4946
Celtics, C4941
Warriors, G*4941
Trail Blazers, F*4930
Nuggets, G4924
Timberwolves, F4920
Hornets, C4917
Warriors, F*4915

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