Sly Cooper Characters

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Can you name the characters from the Sly Cooper series?

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The Hero
The Brains
The Brawn
The Hero's Rival/Love Interest
Fiendish Five's Mechanical Specialist
Fiendish Five's Muscle
Fiendish Five's Mystic
Fiendish Five's Demolition Expert
Fiendish Five's Leader
Double-Crossing Cop
Klaww Gang's Counterfeiter
Klaww Gang's Spice Lord
Klaww Gang's Hypnotist
Klaww Gang's Shipper
Klaww Gang's Leader
Friend of The Hero's Father
Traitor of The Hero's Father
Opera Singer/Mob Boss
Spiritual Leader
Remote Control Expert
Evil Chinese Ruler
Daughter of Demolition Expert
Aged Pirate
Evil Pirate

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