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The great multi headed serpent
A half buffalo, half hog being that can turn people to stone
Legendary creatures with both European and Chinese variants
The legendary flying horse
Tiny creatures with pointed ears
A winged serpent with a rooster's head
A human that can transform into a wolf
Creatures that can live under bridges, or lurk on the internet
A lion body, human head, and scorpion tail
A part woman, part snake creature
Part man, part horse
Aquatic race of fish/human hybrids
Part horse, lion, and bird
Woman with snakes for hair and a petrifying gaze
Giants with but a single eye
Beasts that can be composed of many different creatures
Half man, half goat
A female demon known to seduce men
A gargantuan sea monster known to resemble a squid
The three headed dog and gatekeeper to the underworld
Known as the king of serpents and can cause death with a glance
Blood sucking demons
A horse with a single horn
Body of a lion, wings of a bird, and face of a woman. Associated with pyramids
A legendary headless horseman
Tiny winged beings said to possess magical powers
A massive beast whose name has become synonomous with something of great size
Creatures from Jewish mythology created from a variety of materials
Half man, half bull being
Bird women with entrancing voices

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