Megaman X Mavericks by Stage

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Can you name the Mavericks based on their stage name?

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The ShipyardMegaman X3
VolcanoMegaman X4
Central WhiteMegaman X8
Tunnel BaseMegaman X7
PlanetariumMegaman X5
Air ForcesMegaman X7
Cyber FieldMegaman X7
Weapons StockpileMegaman X5
Troia BaseMegaman X8
Energy Mine RuinsMegaman X
Quarry DepositMegaman X3
Central ComputerMegaman X2
Urban JungleMegaman X3
Booster ForestMegaman X8
Weather ControlMegaman X2
Prototype Weapons PlantMegaman X
Abandoned ArmoryMegaman X3
Oceanographic MuseumMegaman X5
Electromagnetic Power PlantMegaman X
Dinosaur TankMegaman X2
Repliforce BaseMegaman X5
Power PlantMegaman X5
Pitch BlackMegaman X8
Sewer Power PlantMegaman X3
Wastewater DamMegaman X3
Military TrainMegaman X4
Snow BaseMegaman X4
Radio TowerMegaman X7
Volcanic InfernoMegaman X5
Airfield FortMegaman X3
Central CircuitMegaman X7
Volcanic ZoneMegaman X2
DynastyMegaman X8
Weapon CenterMegaman X6
InfernoMegaman X8
Metal ValleyMegaman X8
Jungle MazeMegaman X5
Abandoned Missile BaseMegaman X
Inami TempleMegaman X6
Marine BaseMegaman X4
BattleshipMegaman X7
Laser LabMegaman X5
Magma AreaMegaman X6
Energen CrystalMegaman X2
Lava FactoryMegaman X7
Air ForceMegaman X4
Central MuseumMegaman X6
Subterranean BaseMegaman X
Desert BaseMegaman X2
Deep ForestMegaman X7
New-type AirportMegaman X
Amazon AreaMegaman X6
Bio LaboratoryMegaman X4
Recycle LabMegaman X6
Laser InstituteMegaman X6
Recon Base RuinsMegaman X
Jungle BaseMegaman X4
PrimroseMegaman X8
Deep-Sea BaseMegaman X2
Northpole AreaMegaman X6
Ski ResortMegaman X3
Robot JunkyardMegaman X2
Cyber SpaceMegaman X4
Fortress TowerMegaman X

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