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Orange StarNo Special Abilities
Orange StarDirect Combat Specialist
Orange StarInfantry Specialist
Orange StarIncreased Firepower on Plains
Orange StarIncreased Repair
Orange StarOccaisional Increased Damage
Orange StarLower Unit Prices
Blue MoonSnow Specialist
Blue MoonIndirect Combat Specialist
Blue MoonLower Unit Prices and Firepower
Blue MoonExtra Funds Per Base
Yellow CometIncreased Firepower, Defense and Cost
Yellow CometFog of War Specialist
Yellow CometInfantry and Copter Specialist
Yellow CometIncreased Firepower Lowered Defenses
Green EarthAircraft Specialist
Green EarthNaval Specialist
Green EarthVehicle Specialist
Green EarthExtra Defense Against Indirect Attacks
Black HoleRandom Higher or Lower Damage
Black HoleIncreased Firepower With Defense Stars
Black HoleNo Special Abilities
Black HoleIncreased Firepower
Black HoleEvil Dictator
Black HoleRandom Higher or Lower Damage
Black HoleIncreased Firepower on Roads
Black HoleIncreased Firepower on Urban Terrain
Black HoleEvil Dictator's Sucsessor

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