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Can you name the Can you name the major characters of Sonic Sega?

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HintCharacter's NamesHint
Friend of Blue BlurrHuman
A CrocodileRoyal to the main character
Another characterFairly fast as sonic
A hedgehog from futurePsychokinetic Powers
A CatPurple
Waterlike CreatureShapeshifter
Mecha counterpartPrototype
Metal CouterpartDesiged to combat with main character
Fancys the main characterPink
Robotic DoublePowerful Exoskeleton
Overpowered RobotDesiged by Dr.R also
Mutation of a certain Hedgehog Due to Master EmeraldGreen
A twin tailed genius300 IQ
A Rouge RobotDesiged by Dr.R
Dr. RobotnikEvil...
GrandDaughter of the creater of ultimate life formUnfortunate Ending...
HintCharacter's NamesHint
A dark CounterpartPowerful
Dark form of main characterToo Powerful
Yellow RabbitYellow
Fancys MilesGreen
Yellow Rabbit's petSky Blue
A similar type of hedgehogRed
A petGreen
A ChameleonNinja
Creater of Shadow ProjectG.R
UnleashedVery Powerful
A EchidnaLight Red
BatAbility to Fly
Enemy of ShadowDark
fastest hedgehogBlue Blurr
Also a CatFire

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