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Can you name the TV show by its somewhat pessimistic description?

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Fat girl is made to feel even fatter while working at the wrong job.
Selfish stereotypical teenagers wail their troubles away, thus causing new ones.
Dead girl can't touch her boyfriend.
Little girl gets stolen by centuries-old man who lives in a box.
Three idiots drive big cars to compensate.
In which brotherly love equates to senselessly murdering demons.
A plane crashes but an alarming number of people survive.
One day spans almost half a year.
Would you really want these doctors operating on you?
Perhaps the worst example for teenagers to follow.
People die in Miami.
People die in New York.
People die in Los Angeles.
CIA operative should probably be arrested for housing an illegal alien.
The talentless get judged by the talentless.
Daddy is a murderer.

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