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Can you name the movies based on why the plot is what it is?

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I need to find Andy.1995
My daughter is possessed.1973
We can't locate my vehicle.2000
We all got detention.1985
I'm not in Kansas anymore.1939
I don't think he was proven guilty.1957
I wished I had never been born.1946
I want to be a real boy.1940
No one remembers what
happened last night.
A boy's best friend
is his mother.
I'm in love with my female Romeo.1998
My co-pilots had the fish.1980
I filled my house with balloons.2009
My dog is great at basketball.1997
The Crimson won a tie game.2008
I found a rodent who can cook.2007
I hate people with holiday spirit.2000
I was killed by a man in my dreams.1984
I want to be on
The Corny Collins show.
I made him an offer
he couldn't refuse

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