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A sharp growth on a plant
Custer's last stand
Brass wind insrument with three valves
Join without being invited
Piece of metal assisting to put on footwear
Untrained, gullible or naive person
Renaissance reed instrument with a cylidrical tube and curved end
Deep warning sound used by boats in misty weather or a Warner Bros. character's first name
Throwing the ball after a strike out, or the show of competitive banter
Stinging insect, or an NBA team from the big easy
To have taken the wool off a sheap
Also known as a wood wasp
High-powered megaphone
To swindle, cheat, or hoodwink
Ammunition manufacturer based in Nebraska
Straw hat with a broad soft brim or a Warner Bros. character's last name
To have a disagreement or conflict, literally what bulls do when fighting
Dark green or black element found in igneous and metamorphic rock
A gambler who pretends to be important but has little money
Evergreen asian shrub containing ornamental fruit

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