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QuestionAnswerWho I am
What matters in the end?Jewel
What Color is his Corvette?Eiffel 65
What do you tell me?Daniel Powter
When he sees her, what happens?The Police
Who Don't I want to be like?Good Charlotte
What is Scotty's Girlfriend's name?Lustra
What Night did I take her out on?Blink-182
What took Precious to his final resting place?TLC
Who won't you get this from?Rick Astley
What was my father's problem?Prince
How Long has the fire burned?Billy Joel
What do I want to do every day?Kiss
What is my friend?Sheryl Crow
What runs through the black man's yard?John Mellencamp
What Color was her hair?INXS
What do I know all about?REO Speedwagon
What kind of night is it?Avril Lavigne
Who is at the bar?Billy Joel
What flavor was her Chapstick?Katy Perry
Where is the city boy from?Journey
How late for work are you?The Rembrandts
Where do I say my prayers?Coolio
What do you pray to justify?Kevin Rudolf
What do I want, unlike most girls?P!nk
How far from the midday sun?Santana
QuestionAnswerWho I am
What did I think you were?Kelly Clarkson
What did your mom say to me?Fountains of Wayne
Whats Gonna Happen?Tal Bachman
What color are the tags on the boxes of rain?Matchbox Twenty
Why am I so hot?Harvey Danger
When Should I have run?The Go-Gos
What flavor is the ice cream?Counting Crows
What did you say?Jason Derulo
Did I have you?Bowling for Soup
What did you do?Marc Anthony
What can you do anytime you like?The Eagles
What time is it?Destinys Child
How will I make love to you?Boys II Men
What is she Calling?The Killers
Am I SexualBackstreet Boys
Why am I such a baby?Hootie & The Blowfish
Where did Gina Work?Bon Jovi
What is the name of the bitch?Outkast
What are some guys/girls only about?Lauryn Hill
Do I Miss You?The All-American Rejects
What didn't anyone tell me?Coldplay
Where should you walk around naked?Alanis Morissette
When Do I want to see you?Vanessa Carlton
Where was I buying bread?Men At Work
What can't I believe?Daughtry

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