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QuestionAnswerWho I Am
What won't I write you?Sara Bareilles
Who is in the back?OMC
What does she want?Ace of Base
How old is this beauty queen?Maroon 5
What do you make?Howie Day
What won't I tell them?Goo Goo Dolls
Where is Snow from?Snow
Where did I fly to?Miley Cyrus
What did I tell you my name was?LFO
How many best friends do you have?Cobra Starship
What is killing me?Britney Spears
What is my time?Beck
What do you supposedly have?REO Speedwagon
What does the bar face?Sheryl Crow
What crumble for me?Sugar Ray
What will you be by the end of this song? (especially if you're Janet Jackson)Justin Timberlake
What tattoo did he ask for?The Offspring
How long will we be friends?Vitamin C
What day is it?Ben Folds Five
What is the reason?Hoobastank
What don't you know?3 Doors Down
What color are your eyes?Donna Lewis
What shouldn't you call me?Pearl Jam
Where did I come in last night?Lit
How old are you?ABBA
QuestionAnswerWho I Am
What did I give you?Wham!
What did we used to be like?Katy Perry
What kind of people live in San Francisco?Scott McKenzie
Where did I see her?James Blunt
How far down that street does she live?Shawn Mullins
When did I wake up?Asher Roth
Where did I go down on you?Alanis Morissette
Who is the reason for the teardrops on my guitar?Taylor Swift
Who do I have on speed dialNickelback
How are we born?Sarah McLachlan
What is the bums name?Arrested Development
What is her name?Duran Duran
What do we want in the street?Usher
Who was the whole club looking at?Flo Rida
How far from the edge am I?Creed
What am I walking in?No Doubt
Why aren't your friends my friends?Men Without Hats
What am I waiting for?Jennifer Lopez
What does the bird have in her mouth?U2
What do girls like?Good Charlotte
Where will I follow you?Gin Blossoms
What do they love to tell you?John Mayer
Why is she getting out of California?Augustana
Where did the birds come from?Coldplay
Where should you meet me?Gwen Stefani

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