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Opposite sex romantic pairing
A story with strange or unbelievable plot, or no plot at all
Same-sex female romantic pairing
Story where a major element of the story (setting, time period etc.) is changed
Elements established in the source material
A story that involves elements from more than one fandom
A story with a light plot that serve to make the reader feel 'warm and fuzzy'
A story inspired by a song, often with lyrics in the text
Stories with graphic sex (often without any plot)
Same-sex male romantic pairing
A fanfic author's favourite romantic pairing
A character created by the fanfic author, not in the source material
A character created by the author that represents a flawless, idealized version of the author
A story without sex or romance
A story with exactly 100 words, or a limit of 100 words
Common element that is not established in the source material, but is accepted by fans
A story featuring emotional torment of characters

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