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Give the name of the vessel
Travelled at least 25,000 nautical miles under Columbus
The raft of the 1947 expedition to the South Seas led by Thor Heyerdahl
Famous mutiny on this British ship in 1789
Built to last the great flood
Oliver Wendell Holmes' poem 'Old Ironsides'
British Flagship of the line from 1969-2004
First ship to circumnavigate the globe
Pursues the white whale 'Moby Dick'
An exlosion in 1898 precipitated the Spanish American War
The ship of C.S Lewis' Narnia
Give the name of the vessel
British flagship at Trafalgar
Gordon Lightfoot Iron Ore Transporter
Torpedoed by a German U-boat in 1915
The 'unsinkable' Olympic class passanger liner that sunk on its maiden voyage
Jason's fast vessel from Greek Mythology
Sink the (german battleship) !
Blackbeard's ship
Slave ship mutiny of 1839
Fought with the Merrimack in 1862

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