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*First words: 'There was no possibility of taking a ____ that day.'*
To gab or shoot the breeze
Not short, but...
To spill the beans
A mix of blue and green
Not an illusion
A device used for fishing
*The surname of Jane's aunt*
What you do with a novel
Where you drive a car
To provoke or annoy
Not bad, but...
*The charitable school Jane attended: Lo____*
A state of feeling
The calls of a cow
Devices for cleaning floors
What a rabbit does
Faith, ____, and love
What a shovel creates
Health or well-being (uncommon)
*Where Rochester lives: Thornfield ____*
A toy that bounces
A nickname for Shakespeare
*'I am no ____; and no net ensnares me'*
The inventor of the ballpoint pen
Japanese emperor during WWII: ____hito
A noble person who does great deeds
A group of domesticated animals
The opposite of soft
Pig fat
*Final words: 'Amen; even so come, ____ Jesus!'*

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