Red Dwarf opening lines (part 2 of 3)

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Can you name the episodes of Red Dwarf featuring these opening words (part 1 of 3)?

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Line;EpisodeSpoken by;
Good morning, sir! How about a little breakfast?
Gravity 1.5. Wind 40 knots and variable. Coordinates locked and set. Launch scouter.
Have you figured a way to get us out of here yet, Hol?
Hello? Can you hear me? Oh, no, of course not: I haven't engaged your verbal systems.
Holly, give me access to the crew's confidential reports.
How are you feeling, sir?
I understand you played an idiotic prank on a senior and much respected officer yesterday.
Kryten, it's me. You there?
Maybe it's the moonlight, but I've gotta admit you're looking pretty good for a corpse.
Mmm, smells good, Kryten. What is it?
Ninety-two degrees... god!
Line;EpisodeSpoken by;
No way'll this work.
Not too little and not too much, that's important.
Okay, okay, okay. Uphill, slight furrow to the left.
One hundred and forty thousand rehydratable chickens.
Remain calm, Kryten.
Rimmer, make this quick.
Scramble, scramble, all hands on deck, emergency drill, scramble!
Stop whatever you're doing, bud!
The post's arrived.
We're grooving tonight! Ahead, groove factor five!

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