Marvel Characters beginning with 'A'

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Can You Name The Marvel Characters Beginning With The Letter 'A' ?

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# of Issues'A'Hint or True Identity
4,695Original X-Men member with wings
1,800Aunt and motherly figure to Peter Parker
1,019Rick Jones after exposed to gamma radiation
934X-Men villain & possibly the first mutant
818Reptilian Young X-Men member
641X-Men that can create a psionic forcefield
616Blind love interest of the Thing
615The Greek God of war
521Founding Alpha Flight member & a twin
495Ability to create earthquakes w/ his hands
442Carl 'Crusher' Creel, partner of Titania
421Synthetic being created by scientists
382Scott Lang, carried on one of Hank Pym's aliases
357Morlock & current Future Foundation member
344Reformed villan formally known as Goliath
# of Issues'A'Hint or True Identity
334Leader of S.W.O.R.D.
328Gamma radiation turned him into this monster
309Marauder that can direct seismic energy
297Former ruler of Limbo & Nightcrawler's girlfriend
294Former neighbor of the Parker family
269Insect alien that conquered the Negative Zone
264Former Xavier student w/ a insect physiology
238X-Men villain & assassin that runs 'Murderworld'
231Mystical nanny of Franklin & Valeria Richards
222Sorcerer Supreme that trained Dr. Strange
220Acoyte, nurse & former love interest of Prof. X
215Eric O'Grady, another to use a Hank Pym alias
217Underwater tyrant that invaded Atlantis
202Winged horse of Valkyrie

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