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Years of ReleasesMovieActor/Actress in Film
1984 and 1985Robert Englund
1994 and 1995Jim Carrey
1979 and 1986Sigourney Weaver
2007 and 2009Jason Lee
1999 and 2001Jason Biggs
1982 and 1990Eddie Murphy
1997 and 1999Mike Myers
1995 and 2003Will Smith
1998 and 2002Wesley Snipes
2000 and 2009Billy Connolly
2002 and 2004Matt Damon
1978 and 1980Cheech Marin
2000 and 2004Vin Diesel
1994 and 2006Kevin Smith
1988 and 1990Bruce Willis
2005 and 2008Christian Bale
1993 and 1995Antonio Banderas
2003 and 2005Sheri Moon Zombie
1983 and 1987Bruce Campbell
1993 and 1995Jack Lemmon
2004 and 2008Neil Patrick Harris
2004 and 2008Ron Perlman
1986 and 1991Christopher Lambert
2002 and 2006Ray Romano--voice Actor
2002 and 2006Johnny Knoxville
1984 and 1986Ralph Machio
1987 and 1989Mel Gibson
Years of ReleasesMovieActor/Actress in Film
2001 and 2002Viggo Mortensen
1980 and 1982Mel Gibson
1999 and 2003Keanu Reeves
1971 and 1973Clint Eastwood
2000 and 2004Ben Stiller
1996 and 2000Tom Cruise
1999 and 2001Brendan Fraiser
1988 and 1991Leslie Nielsen
2004 and 2007Nicolas Cage
2008 and 2009Kristen Stewart
1995 and 2000Ice-Cube
2003 and 2006Johnny Depp
2000 and 2004Vin Diesel
1982 and 1985Sylvester Stallone
2002 and 2004Milla Jovovich
1998 and 2001Chris Tucker
2004 and 2005Tobin Bell
2001 and 2004Mike Myers--voice actor
1986 and 1991Anthony Hopkins
1984 and 1991Arnold Schwarzenegger
1995 and 1999Tom Hanks--voice actor
2007 and 2009Megan Fox
2002 and 2005Jason Statham
1982 and 2010Jeff Bridges
2003 and 2006Kate Beckinsale
2000 and 2003Hugh Jackman

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