Marvel Characters beginning with 'I - J'

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Can You Name The Marvel Characters Whose Names Begin With The Letters 'I' & 'J'?

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# of Issues'I - J'Hint
6,542Tony Stark, founding Avenger member
4,799Robert Drake, founding X-Men member
4,744X-Men founding member, Marvel Girl/Phoenix
4,313Susan Storm, founding Fantastic Four member
2,084Mayor of NYC & former Daily Bugle Editor
1,734X-Men that currently is a vampire
1,318Martial artist & founding Heroes for Hire member
1,265Gem of Cyttorak made him 'unstoppable'
1,150Butler for Tony Stark & the Avengers
976'Rhodey' Rhodes, Secret Avengers member
471Vance Astrovik, founding New Warriors member
414Howling Commando during WWII
# of Issues'I - J'Hint
394Former New Avenger married to Luke Cage
361Nurse and love interest of Thor
312Avenger android that was created by Ultron
266X-Men that covers himself in armored plates
251X-Men student & Cannonball's winged brother
246Former X-Men that is a clone of Magneto
235Dr. Miles Warren, creator of Spider-Man clones
218Jonathan Heart former Avengers member
210SHIELD agent & liason for Stark Industries
206Father of 'Marvel Girl', 'Phoenix'
201Brother of Captain Britain & Psylocke

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