Marvel Characters beginning with 'G'

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Can You Name The Marvel Universe Characters Whose Names Begin With The Letter G?

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# of Issues'G'Hint
3,004Remey LeBeau, X-Men member
987Galan, devourer of planets
780Former girlfriend of Peter Parker
555Johnny Blaze, former motorcycle stuntman
551Inhuman Royal Family member
457Howling Commando & SHIELD officer
552Kallark Shi'ar Imperial Guard leader
399James Hudson, Alpha Flight leader
335Son of Sabretooth & Mystique
328Daniel Ketch, bound to the Spirit of Vengeance
314Nezhno Abidemi, X-Men member from Wakanda
# of Issues'G'Hint
302Secretary at the Daily Bugle
297X-Men student w/ a body composed of living wax
273Assassin and adopted daughter of Thanos
261Aboriginal & X-Men ally that can teleport
256Former Director of SHIELD & mercenary
238Colonel in the military that hunted the Hulk
220Former Captain in the NYPD
218Former Thunderbolt that was a clone of Mar-Vell
207Phil Urich, nephew of Ben Urich
201Former Weapon X & Six-Pack member
200Cursed demon that was & Defenders member

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