Marvel Characters beginning with 'P'

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Can You Name The Marvel Characters Whose Letters Begin With The Letter 'P'?

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# of Issues'P'Hint
4,789Founder of the X-Men
2,798Telepathic ninja of the X-Men
1,813NYC vigilante, Frank Castle
1,781Daughter of Magneto w/ magnetism powers
933X-Men member with butterfly wings
863Member of Stepford Cuckoos
861Entity that posessed Jean & Rachel Grey
519Assistant to Tony Stark
508Genius that picks knowledge & skills from others
494Villain with the ability to manipulate fire
# of Issues'P'Hint
438Bouncing, dwarfish dynamo of Alpha Flight
422Excalibur member & agent of the British govt.
405Howling Commando member during WWII
334Purple wearing mercenary
262Member of the Wrecking Crew
260Leader of the Young Avengers
232Fantastic Four villain & Alicia Masters stepfather
229Troll traveling-companion of Adam Warlock
227Kevin MacTaggert can restructure reality

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