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Can you name the Marvel Universe Characters That Have Been Exposed To Gamma Or Cosmic Rays?

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Cosmic Ray Exposure
Johnny Storm 
Ivan Kragoff's baboon 
Susan Storm 
Michael Steel (U-Foes) 
Ivan Kragoff's silverback gorilla 
Reed Richards 
Ivan Kragoff's orangutan 
Ivan Kragoff 
General Thaddeus Ross 
Sharon Ventura 
K'lrt, a member of the Skrull race 
Benjamin Grimm 
Ann Darnell (U-Foes) 
Simon Utrecht (U-Foes) 
Jimmy Darnell (U-Foes) 
Gamma Exposure
Rick Jones 
Emil Blonsky 
Carl 'Crusher' Creel 
Dr. Leonard '......' 
Eliot Franklin 
Marlo Jones 
Bruce Banner 
Samuel Sterns 
General Thaddeus Ross 
Elizabeth 'Betty' Ross 
Aleksei Sytsevich 
Walter Langkowski 
Jennifer Walters 

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