Marvel Characters beginning with 'C'

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Can You Name The Marvel Characters Beginning With The Letter 'C'?

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# of Issues'C'Hint or True Identity
7,182Original X-Men member and one of thier leader
7,084Avenger that took the Super-Soldier Serum
4,854Russian X-Men member that can turn into steel
2,833New Mutant that can become a human rocket
2,206Carol Danvers, current Avengers member
2,153Time traveling X-Men from the future
1,223Team leader of Excalibur, Brian Braddock
888Inhuman Royal Family member
869One of the Stepford Cuckoo's
755New Mutant that can decipher anything
741X-Man that possess psionic energy in his chest
680Former Morlock that can sense other mutants
548Mar-Vell, former protector of the universe
502Former leader of the Morlocks
501Vigilante and partner of Dagger
# of Issues'C'Hint or True Identity
387Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension
379Starjammer & father of Cyclops, Havok & Vulcan
346X-Men whose a Dr. & can generate force fields
296Spider-Man villain that imitates faces & voices
290Lady samurai that co-owned Heroes For Hire
278Purifier member that combined w/ the Phalanx
277Symbiote that bonded to a serial killer
275Reptilian alien from the Starjammers
275Former SHIELD agent & lover of Nick Fury
236Villain with electrified adamantium cables
233X-Men enemy & twin sister of Professor X
226Posed as Domino while a member of X-Force
224Battle armor worn by several different Russians
220Member of the Serpent Squad
214Mercenary, Thunderbolt member & Red Skull agent

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