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Can you name the DC Characters Whose Aliases Have the Word 'Boy' or 'Girl' In It?

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Tula, Lorena Marquez 
Barbara Gordon, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown 
Nura Nal 
Luornu Durgo 
Rita Dayton 
Shiera Sanders, Kendra Saunders, Shayera Hol 
Tinya Wazzo 
Kara Zor-L (Earth-Two) 
Imra Ardeen 
Projecta Wind'zorr 
Courtney Whitmore 
Kara Zor-El, Linda Danvers, Matrix 
Donna Troy, Cassandra Sandsmark 
Garfield Logan 
Charles Taine 
Reep Daggle 
Gim Allon 
Rokk Krinn 
Brek Bannin 
Thom Kallor 
Dirk Morgna 
Kon-El and Conner Kent 
Jo Nah 

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