DC Comics: 'Man' Aliases

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Can you name the DC Characters That Have The Word 'Man' In Their Alias?

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True Name or IdentityDC Character
Bernhard 'Buddy' Baker
Orin, Arthur Curry
Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson
Thomas Blake
Boston Brand
Ralph Dibny
Jason Woodrue
Carter Hall
Rex, Rick & Matthew Tyler
Kirk Langstrom
Kate Spencer, Dan Richards, Paul Kirk
J'onn J'onzz
True Name or IdentityDC Character
Larry Trainor
Thomas Wayne Jr.
Patrick O'Brian
Rory Regan
Clifford Steele
Sandy Hawkins, Wesley Dodds
Thom Kallor, Ted & Jack Knight, Mikaal Tomas
Kal-El or Clark Kent
Mark Richards, Abel Tarrant
Winslow Schott, Hiro Okamura

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