Marvel: Villains w/ No Powers

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Can you name the Marvel Villains Who Do Not Have Any Natural or Aquirred Powers?

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True Identity or HintMarvel Villain
Traps heroes in 'Murderworld' having them fight to survive
French mercenary & the best savate kick-boxer in the world
Cryogenic suit allows him to create arctic weather effects
Scientist who created Sentinels, which hunt & kill mutants
Uses anything as a lethal projectile w/ flawless accuracy
Former SHIELD agent with electricfied adamantium cables
Several Russian villains used this 'red' battle armor suit
Hank Pym foe, the evil genius scientist w/ a odd shaped head
Red Skull's partner, a clone of Adolph Hitler
Jason Macendale was the 2nd villain to use this alias
Took over (Tony) Stark Int'l & his battle armor designs
Billy 'the Beaut's' face was severly damaged by the Punisher
Iron Man foe that finances supervillains & organized crime
Most prominent organized crime figure in the eastern U.S.
True Identity or HintMarvel Villain
Director of the Maggia and daughter to Count Nefaria
Iron Man enemy that used a device to liquify metal
Master of make-up, hypnotism and visual special effects
She is a master snake-charmer & trainer
Circus villain that uses his hat to hypnotise people
Engineer who built a battle suit that sends out shock waves
Father and son scientists that built the Spider-Slayer robots
Scientific genius that's a expert in designing weapons
Russian's Boris Bullski and Gremlin wore this battle armor
Villain chemist commiting crimes w/ a polymer he invented
Spider-Man enemy that engineered his own flying harness
Iron Man enemy w/ a pair of electrically charged whips
Soldier turned religious fanatic who wants mutant genocide
Genius 'Frightful Four' member who uses a battle suit

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