Marvel Teams: Horsemen of Apocalypse

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Can You Name The Members Of The Horsemen of Apocalypse?

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True Identity or HintHorsemen Members
Can create explosions
Roderick Campbell
En Sabah Nur ^
Warren Worthington, III ^
Disintegrates organic matter
Sean Cassidy *
Former Morlock
Akihiro *
Dr. Henry McCoy (Earth-295, AoA)
Cal'syee Neramani
Minotaur-like species
Apocalypse Twin *
Remy Lebeau
Former NASA pilot
William Rolfson ^
True Identity or HintHorsemen Members
Eric Williams *
Bruce Banner
Uses devouring beetles
Former Confederate spy
Nathaniel Essex ^
Former Morlock
Lorna Dane
Elizabeth Braddock
Can trasmit terminal diseases
Robert Reynolds *
Shiro Yoshida
Apocalypse Twin *
Horsemen in 1459
James Howlett

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