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Can you name the Marvel Characters That Do Not Have Any Natural or Aquirred Powers?

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True Identity or HintMarvel Hero
Super genius teenager that was a Mighty Avengers member
Former Avenger that wields a sword enchanted by Merlin
Female samurai that co-owned Heroes For Hire
Former SHIELD agent, lover of Nick Fury, now w/ HYDRA
Former captain of the Starjammers, & father of Cyclops
A. Vanko was the designer & 1st Russian to use this armor
Founding Serpent Society member and reformed villain
Former Howling Commando & 2nd in command of SHIELD
Mercenary, bounty hunter & former SHIELD Director
Clint Barton, expert w/ a sword, bow & arrow's uses this alias
'Rhodey' Rhodes former Marine Lt. who uses battle armor
Kevin Plunder, ruler of the Savage Land
Blaine Colt, highly skilled gunfighter & former Avenger
True Identity or HintMarvel Hero
Battle suit wearing reformed villain formally known as Beetle
Former SHIELD director & current leader of the Avengers
Assembled the New Warriors, skilled fighter w/ body armor
Purple outfitted mercenary of the Heroes For Hire
Frank Castle, vigilante & current Heroes for Hire member
Outlaw branded, he used gunfighting talents to help the weak
Son of Fu Manchu, known as the 'Master of Kung-Fu'
alias the 'She-Devil' & wife of the ruler of the Savage Land
Former SHIELD agent & current Secret Avengers liason
Symkarian ruler and current 'Hero For Hire' Member
Villan skilled w/ a sword, turned Avenger & married to Mantis
Matt Hawk, western gunslinger and former Avenger
Alpha Flight member w/ a electromagnetic & geothermal suit

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