Marvel Characters beginning with 'K - L'

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Can You Name The Marvel Characters Whose Names Begin With The Letters 'K - J'?

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# of IssuesK - LTrue Identity or Hint
1,871New Avengers leader, aka Power Man
1,244Asgardian 'God of Mischief'
1,047Leader of the east coast crime syndicate
993New Mutant w/ the ability to possess people
983Kitty Pryde's dragon friend
750X-Factor Investigations member from Mojoverse
664Friend of Peter Parker who married Harry Osborn
643Shi'ar that shared a psychic link w/ Prof. X
572Spider-Man enemy that turns into a giant reptile
550Lord of the Savage Land
529Martial-arts member of the Inhumans
506A western crime-fighter
486Former Morlock that can negate mutant abilities
468Wolverine enemy with adamantium claws
464Inhuman Royal Family member that is a dog
# of IssuesK - LTrue Identity or Hint
453Time traveling enemy of the Avengers
426Russian mercenary and Spider-Man enemy
400Quentin Quire, omega-level X-Men student
390Can disolve the molecular structure of things
388World's leading geneticist & X-Club member
372Omega-Level mutant & son of Professor X
368Precog member of X-Factor Investigations
343Power Pack member that fly's at super speed
337Hulk enemy exposed to gamma radiation
331X-Men ally that can teleport between planets
331Secretary and former girlfriend of Daredevil
322Black Panther enemy whoose body is pure sound
214Regan Wyngarde, infiltrated the X-Men
204Daughter of Quicksilver & Crystal

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