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Can You Name The Civilians of the Marvel Universe?

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Blind woman and love interest of the Thing
Uncle whose death inspired the birth of Spider-Man
Journalist who knows Spider-Man & Daredevil's true identity
Was a personal secretary at Daily Bugle, now top reporter
Love interest of Namor & adoptive mother of Namorita
Gamma physicist & love interest of Bruce Banner
Angel's love interest who also ran Worthington Indsutries
NYPD officer & former Spider-Man love interest
Daughter of Power Man & Jessica Jones
Geneticist from India that isolated the mutant-X gene
Geneticist at the Muir Island Mutant Reseach Center
Stark family butler and caretaker of the Avengers Mansion
Lawyer and friend of Daredevil, Matt Murdock
Son of Mr. Fantastic & the Invisible Woman
Pilot of Moon Knight
Friend of Peter Parker and secretary at the Daily Bugle
Love interest of Spider-Man, murdered by the Green Goblin
Assistant, chauffeur, and friend of Iron Man
Best friend of Peter Parker & former Green Goblin
Politician & thorn in the side of the superhuman community
Inventor & father of Iron Man
Reporter that did a expose on the Hellfire Club
Editor and publisher of the Daily Bugle
Nurse and former love interest of Thor
Former NYPD captain & Spider-Man ally
Former secretary and love interest of Daredevil
Former Assistant D.A. of NY & Daredevil love interest
Classmate of Peter Parker & ex-wife of Harry Osborn
Daughter of Quicksilver & Crystal
Sister of Silver Samurai and former lover of Wolverine
Wife of A-Bomb & formally the Harpy
Former wife of Spider-Man
Aunt and mother-figure to Spider-Man
Head of Horizon Labs
Weapons engineer and supplier for the Punisher
Field journalist who was brainwashed into being a Hobgoblin
Daily Bugle journalist with sarcastic humor
Former love interest of Steve Rogers & aunt of Agent 13
Former personal assistant to Tony Stark
Editor-In-Chief of the Daily Bugle
Senator that pushed the Mutant Registration Act
Former love interest of Johnny Blaze
Former love interest of Silver Surfer
Reporter who released the Legacy Virus story to the world
Daughter of Mr. Fantastic & the Invisible Woman
NSA advisor on mutant affairs & ex-gov't liason to X-Factor
Current team liason of the New Avengers
Mailman of the Fantastic Four
Martial arts master and servent to Dr. Strange
College roomate of Human Torch & Fantastic Four ally

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