Marvel Characters beginning with 'B'

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Can You Name The Marvel Characters Whose Names Begin With The Letter 'B'?

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# of Issues'B'Hint or True Identity
Dr. Henry McCoy5,996
Natalia Romanova2,099
Lucas '......' (Earth-1191)1,954
Sean Cassidy1,555
Tabitha Smith1,218
Frederick Dukes950
Inhumans Royal Family leader861
Dane Whitman858
Daily Bugle secretary/reporter816
alias--Lester Poindexter737
Felicia Hardy728
Asgardian God of Light656
Daily Bugle reporter601
Clarice Ferguson502
Ruth Aldine418
Man merged w/ Nimrod411
# of Issues'B'Hint or True Identity
Alien parasitic race377
Eric Brooks334
Roxanne Washington324
Barnell Bohusk316
Helmut '....'304
Wolfgang '...' '........'291
Thomas Cassidy266
Georges '......' ('The Leaper')252
Fred Myers251
Heinrich '....'248
William Foster246
Designed the Sentinels244
alias--Simon Walters241
Henry Camp238
Jericho Drumm237
Karl '.....' (a sorcerer)217
Jesse Aaronson202

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