Marvel Characters beginning with 'M'

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Can You Name The Marvel Characters Whose Names Begin With The Letter 'M' ?

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Reed Richards4,888
Max Eisenhardt3,303
1st wife of Peter Parker2,258
Raven Darkholme 1,642
Danielle Moonstar1,622
Illyana Rasputina1,577
Rachel Summers1,458
Geneticist at Muir Island1,274
Theresa Cassidy1,119
James Madrox1,093
Amara Aquilla984
Monet St. Croix931
Nathaniel Essex901
a Stepford Cuckoo899
Medusalith Amaquelin787
Marc Spector763
Bobbi Morse752
Clone of Jean Grey689
Cessily Kincaid649
Karla Sofen648
Wife of Captain Britain608
alias--Box (X-Club member)574
alias--'Sarah Rushman'541
Jason Wyngarde528
Calvin Rankin512
Heather Douglas503
Theodore Sallis488
Girlfriend of Wolverine481
Kevin Sydney (Exiles)479
Has a bionic arm (HFH)475
New leader of The Avengers454
Formally the Beetle452
Fantastic Four's 1st enemy430
Commander of A.I.M.397
Julia Carpenter395
Quentin Beck386
John Jameson Jr.382
Ten Rings of Power wearer371
Michael Morbius359
Pyrokinesis X-Men member340
Calculates all variables306
Director of the Maggia302
Member of Power Pack296
Calvin Zabo285
Avenger to cosmic traveler283
alias--'The Spineless One'266
Vance Astrovik (Earth-691)234
Insane brother of Black Bolt227
Morlock that can alter flesh218
Punisher's weapons supplier208
'......' of Camelot, a sorcerer207

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