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Can you name the Marvel Universe Characters That Served In World War II?

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True Identity or HintWWII Character
Invaders hero turned Nazi, who turned into a demon
Chancellor of Nazi Germany
'Mystic cape of Mercury' allows him to fly
Nazi that transfers brain patterns into clone bodies
Nazi that was turned into a vampire
Nazi that went on to found the Masters of Evil
Leader of the terrorist group HYDRA
Foreign reporter that looks similar to Ghost Rider
Claire Voyant the 1st to use this Avenger's alias
Diamond exploded & embedded itself into his skin
Partner of Steve Rogers during WWII
WWII vet & X-Men enemy w/ adamantium laced skin
Steve Rogers, 1st to take the super soldier serum
Worked as a undercover agent for Baron Zemo
WWII vet that went on to join Freedom Force
Captured by the Nazi's & given the super soldier serum
Howling Commando that was a movie star
Spy & Adventurer that fought against the Nazi's
Scientist that created the Super-Soldier serum
Nazi who defected to the allies & then joined SHIELD
Howling Commando & 2nd in command at SHIELD
SHIELD agent charged w/ bringing the Hulk
Captain in the U.S. Army during WWII
Jim Hammond, andorid that can control fire
V-Battalion member that wears battle armor
True Identity or HintWWII Character
Jewish Howling Commando from Brooklyn
Ability to form and manipulate ice
Master of Magnetism & concentration camp survivor
Battle-Axis leader that took the super soldier serum
After being struck by lightning she gained powers
King of Atlantis that fought with the Allies
Howling Commando that went on to lead SHIELD
Jeffrey Mace, reporter for the Daily Bugle
Umbrella weilding Howling Commando member
Howling Commando that used the battle cry Wahoo!
The 1st Soviet/Russian to use this alias
Bird-man from a island floating in the Atlantic ocean
Johann Schmidt, Nazi & arch-enemy of Steve Rogers
Former secretary with jiu-jitsu skills
1st man to replace Steve Rogers
Invader that was a vampire, but w/ no blood lust
WWII vet that went on to join Freedom Force
WWII vet that went on to join Freedom Force
Alter his molecular structure to stretch or shift his body
Partner of Jim Hammond, that also turns into flames
Atlantean warrior & scientist who was a Nazi
3 different Brit's have used this alias
Nazi woman that took the super soldier serum
Robert Frank, speedster that joined the Avengers
James Howlett, current X-Men & Avenger

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