Marvel Teams: Secret Avengers

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Can You Name The Secret Avengers Members

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True Identity or HintSecret Avengers Members
Eric O'Grady
Dr. Henry McCoy
Eric O'Grady Life Model Decoy (LMD)
Natalia Romanova *
Steve Rogers
Brian Braddock
aliases--'Ant-Man', 'Giant-Man'
Clint Barton *
Bruce Banner
Jim Hammond
James 'Rhodey' Rhodes
Former Director of SHIELD *
Bobbi Morse
True Identity or HintSecret Avengers Members
Marc Spector
alias--'Marcus Johnson' *
Richard Rider
Agent of SHIELD *
John Amon
Daisy Johnson
SHIELD computer tech
alias--'Master of Kung-Fu'
alias--'Agent 13'
Jessica Drew *
Tony Masters
'Flash' Thompson

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