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Can You Name The Marvel Heroes That Were Created During The Silver-Age Of Comics?

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True Identity or HintSilver Age Characters
Blind Fantastic Four ally
Warren Worthington, III
Olympian God of War
Eric Josten
Aunt of Peter Parker
'......' the Brave
Sean Cassidy
Dr. Henry McCoy
Reporter at the Daily Bugle
Blackagar Boltagon
Dane Whitman
T'Chaka & T'Challa
Natalia Romanova
Carol Danvers, Mar-Vel
Niece of Dormammu
Crystalia Amaquelin
Scott Summers
Matthew Murdock
Howling Commando
Physchiatrist & Avenger
Dr. Stephen '.......'
alias--Ant-Man, Giant-Man
Android given life by Diablo
Howling Commando
Butler to the Avengers
Samuel Wilson
'.......' the Dashing
Former bully to Peter Parker
Son of Reed & Sue Richards
Howling Commando
Hunted the Hulk
True Identity or HintSilver Age Characters
Inhumans member
Former love of Peter Parker
Chauffeur of Tony Stark
alias--'Green Goblin'
Alex Summers
Clint Barton
Guards the Rainbow Bridge
Olympian God of Strength
'.....' the Grim
Bruce Banner
Johnny Storm
Robert Drake
From planet Popup
Susan Richards
Tony Stark
Howling Commando
Current NYC Mayor
Love interest to Donald Blake
alias--Power Woman
Agents of Atlas leader
Kevin Plunder
Love interest to Daredevil
Inhumans member
Former wife of Harry Osborn
Inhuman that is a dog
Abner Jenkins
Max Eisenhardt
John Jameson, Jr.
Former wife of Peter Parker
Medusalith Amaquelin
Calvin Rankin
Reed Richards
Former SHIELD director
Kyle Richmond
True Identity or HintSilver Age Characters
All-Father of Asgard
Assistant to Tony Stark
Jean Grey
Howling Commando
Lorna Dane
Charles Xavier
Pietro Maximoff
Jonathan Clay
Former U.S. Senator
General 'Thunderbolt' Ross
Elizabeth 'Betty' Ross
Orphan & honorary Avenger
Daily Bugle Editor-In-Chief
Wanda Maximoff
alias--Agent 13
Lady '...'
Norrin Radd
Peter Parker
Jacques Duquesne
Benjamin Grimm
alias--Donald Blake
Aquatic Inhumans member
Matthew Hawk
Uncle to Peter Parker
Victor Shade
'........' the Voluminous
Janet van Dyne
Simon Williams
Servant to Dr. Stephen '.......'
Sabretooth tiger
Ruler of Olympus

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