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Can You Name The Flash Villains

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True Identity or HintFlash Villains
Magician from the 64th century
George 'Digger' Harkness/Owen Mercer
Leonard Snart
Roy G. Bivilo
Albert & Alvin Desmond
Isaac Bowen
Tony Woodward
Lisa Snart
Intelligent telepathic gorilla
Mick Rory
Thaddeous Thawne
Jonathan Allen (Earth-3)
Frances Kane
Samuel Scudder/Evan McCulloch
Dr. Michael Christian Amar
True Identity or HintFlash Villains
Hartley Rathaway
Peter Merkel, Sr.
Eobard Thawne/Daniel West
Richard Swift
Gorilla's transformed by alien rays
Joey Monteleone
Clifford DeVoe
Rose Canton
Roscoe Dillon
James Jesse/Axel Walker
Roscoe Hynes
Slow talking, slow moving criminal
Vandar Adg
Mark Mardon
Hunter Zolomon

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