DC Comics: Teams: Birds of Prey

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Can You Name The Members Of The Birds of Prey?

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True Identity or HintBirds of Prey Members
Barbara Gordon
Former leader of the Female Furies
Lori Zelchin
Dinah Drake Lance *
Dinah Laurel Lance
Selina Kyle
Benjamin Reyes *
Dawn Granger
Cynthia Reynolds
Hank Hall
Kendra Saunders
Sonia Sato
True Identity or HintBirds of Prey Members
Tatsu Yamashiro/Tatsu Toro
Zinda Blake
Sandra Wu-San
Kate Spencer
Helena Bertinelli
Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe
Pamela Isley
Kara Zor-L
Evelyn Crawford
Mary Turner *
Mari McCabe

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