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Can You Name The Marvel Characters That Are From The Modern-Age Of Comics?

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True Identity or HintModern-Age Characters
Director of SWORD
7th smartest person
Victor Borkowski
Eric O'Grady
Hisako Ichiki
Clone of the Wizard
Ruth Aldine
Brood Hellfire student
A Stepford Cuckoo
Oldest Runaway member
Clone of Charlie Cluster-7
Control unit for Danger Room
Armondo Munoz
Cyborg X-Men member
Ai Apeac
X-Men's videographer
World renowned geneticist
Soorya Qadir
From a nervous system
Joshua Foley
Monster hunter
Son of Iron Monger
Charlie Cluster-7
Jeane Foucalt
Evan Sabahnur
Alejandra Jones, Robbie Reyes
Robert Herman
Kate Bishop
Jennifer Takeda
Wade Wilson (Earth-2149)
Julian Keller
Parker Robbins
True Identity or HintModern-Age Characters
1st mutant born after M-Day
Dorrek VIII
Mark Milton (Earth-13034)
Nathaniel Richards (6311)
Alien Runaways member
Quentin Quire
Alyosha & Ana Kravinoff
Maki Matsumoto
Regan Wyngarde
Alani Ryan
Eden Fesi
Former director of SHIELD
Benjamin Hamil
Head of Horizon Labs
Lilly Hollister
Cessily Kincaid
Ken Mack
A Stepford Cuckoo
America Chavez
Darla Deering
alias--'Martin Li'
Youngest Runaways member
Kevin Sydney (Earth-1081)
Secret Avengers leader
Leader of the Runaways
Talia Wagner (Earth-2182)
Journalist at the Daily Bugle
Sam Alexander
Idie Okonkwo
Elijah Bradley
A Stepford Cuckoo
SHIELD & Secret Avenger
True Identity or HintModern-Age Characters
Megan Gwynn
Teon Macik
John Aman
David Alleyne
Daisy Johnson
Jessica Drew Skrull
Cyborg clone of Thor
Vampire & Forgiven member
Humberto Lopez
Santo Vaccarro
Robert Reynolds
Lyra (Earth-8009)
Son of the Hulk
Thomas Shepherd
Anya Corazon
Brandon Sharpe
Noriko Ashida
Dr. June Covington
Eddie Brock
Hope Abbott
Laurie Tromette
Reed & Sue Richards daughter
Madeline Berry
Gabriel Cohuelo
Cyborg Runaways member
Gabriel Summers
Ava'Dara Naganandini
Angela del Toro & Ava Ayala
William Kaplan
Laura Kinney
Kuan-Yin & Shen '....'

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