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Can You Name The Marvel Characters With The Ability To Perform Magic?

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True Identity or HintMagic Characters
Fantastic Four nanny
Jimaine Szardos
Olympian God of War
'......' the Brave
Karl '.....'
Former ruler of Limbo
Son of Mephistopheles
Jericho Drumm
Love interest of Kraven
Elder God and Archdemon
'....' Strange
Esteban De Ablo
Victor von Doom
Dr. Anthony '.....'
Dr. Stephen '.......'
Dark Dimension ruler
Vlad Tepes
'.......' the Dashing
alias--The Maker
Johnny Blaze, Daniel Ketch
Asgardian God of Magic
True Identity or HintMagic Characters
Eric Williams
Olympian God of the Dead
'........' the Vigilant
Asgardian Goddess of the Dead
Damion Hellstrom
Sorceress cousin of Johnny Blaze
'........' the Norn Queen
Foe of Conan and Red Sonja
Asgardian God of Mischief
'.......' the Ice Queen
alias--Red Queen, Goblyn Queen
Illyana Rasputina
Ruler of the Dark Elves
Wife of Captain Britain
Otherworld Sorcerer Supreme
'......' the Mystic
alias--'spineless one'
Powerful sorceresses
'.....' Sinclair
alias--'Sister Grim'
Dream Dimension ruler
All-Father of Asgard
True Identity or HintMagic Characters
Megan Gwynn
'......' Hellstrom
Extra-dimensional demon
Wanda Maximoff
alias--Black Queen
Michael Twoyoungmen
Lady '...'
Norrin Radd
Rita Wayword
Ruler of the Fire Demons
Elizabeth Twoyoungmen
Eternal from Titan moon
alias--Donald Blake
Witches member
Queen of the Dark Dimension
'........' the Volumious
William Kaplan
Servant to Dr. Stephen Strange
Spirit bonded to Johnny Blaze
Ruler of the Olympians

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