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Can You Name The Marvel Characters That Are Immortal?

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True Identity or HintImmotal Charcters
En Sabah Nur
Olympian God of War
'......' the Brave
John Falsworth
Wolfgang '...' '........'
Former ruler of Limbo
alias--'Simon Walters'
Initiated the 'Secret Wars'
Son of Mephistopheles
Eric Brooks
Ulyssess '..........'
Merged with the Phalanx
Uni-Power manifestation
'....' Strange
Taneleer Tivan
Luchino '.......'
Armando Munoz
Alison Blare
Wade Wilson
Personification of '.....'
Estabon De Ablo
Victor von Doom
Dr. Steven Strange
Dark Dimension ruler
Nazi scientist
Vlad Tepes
A Living Planet
Personification of Time
Bennett du Paris
'.......' the Dashing
Alien dragon
True Identity or HintImmotal Charcters
Bonita Juarez
Pyreus Kril
Recreated from body parts
Isaac Christians
Johnny Blaze, Daniel Ketch
Kenneth Hale
En Dwi Gast
Olympian God of the Dead
'........' the Vigilant
Asgardian God of the Dead
Damion Hellstrom
Olympian God of Strength
Herbert Wyndham
'.....' the Grim
Bruce Banner
Mark Milton (Earth-712)
Eternal w/ super strength
Nathaniel Richards (Earth-6311)
Jubilation Lee
Cain Marko
Nathaniel Richards (Earth-6311)
Ulyssess '....'
Sergei Kravinoff
Asgardian God of Mischief
Cassandra Webb
Theodore Sallis
Craig Hollis
Nathaniel Essex
Dr. Michael '.......'
Powerful sorceress
Dream Dimension ruler
True Identity or HintImmotal Charcters
All-Father of Asgard
Born from Prof. X & Magneto
Jean Grey
Cosmic entity
General 'Thunderbolt' Ross
Johann Schmidt
'......' Hellstrom
alias-Black Queen
alias--Amahl Farouk
Lady '...'
Norin Radd
Son of Bruce Banner
Jacqueline Falsworth
Kevin O'Conner
King of the Fire Demons
Eternal from the Titan moon
alias--Donald Blake
Eric & Kevin Masterson
Asgardian Rock Troll
'........' the Voluminous
Roams Canadian wilderness
Jacob Russoff
James Howlett
Simon Williams
Spirit bonded to Johnny Blaze
Ruler of the Olympians
Simon Garth

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