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Can you name the Marvel Characters That Are From The Golden-Age?

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True Identity or HintGolden Age Characters
F├╝hrer of Nazi Germany
Thomas Halloway
Love interest of '.....' McKenzie
Mark Todd
Louise Grant
Fred Davis
Steve Rogers
John Watkins, Sr.
Kevin Marlow
First wife of '.....' McKenzie
Developed super soldier serum
Vlad Tepes
Elizabeth 'Betsy' Ross
Kenneth Hale
William Burnside
Patricia 'Patsy' Walker
Jim Hammond
Frost Giant cast out of Asgard
David Rand
Blaine Colt
True Identity or HintGolden Age Characters
Robert 'Buzz' Baxter
From the 'romantic' comic book line
Eternal's speedster member
Madelyne Joyce
'.....' McKenzie
Agents of Atlas member
Jack Monroe
Jeffrey Mace
Creator of Jim Hammond
Jonathan Clay
From the race 'Bird-People'
Johann Schimdt
William Nasland
Bruce Dickson
Thomas Raymond
Robert Grayson
Robert Frank
James Barnes
Plan Chu
Simon Garth

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