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Can You Name The Marvel Characters That Have The Natural Ability of Flight?

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Ture Identity or HintFlight Characters
William Worthington, III
Negative Zone ruler
En Sabah Nur
Valkyrie's winged horse
Jeanne-Marie Beaubier
Sean Cassidy
Blackagar Boltagon
Samuel Guthrie
Brian Braddock
Carol Danvers, Mar-Vell
Control unit for the danger room
Cal´syee Neramani
Dr. Stephen '.......'
Dark Dimension ruler
Vlad Tepes
Android given life by Diablo
Sooraya Qadir
Extension of a nervous system
Bennett du Paris
Gigantic alien dragon
Bonita Jaurez
Pyreus Kril
Anjelica Jones
Paul Norbert Ebersol
alias--'Devourer of Worlds'
Isaac Christians
Johnny Horton, Eliot Franklin
Julian Keller
Damion Hellstrom
Mark Milton (Earth-712 & 13034)
Dorek VIII
Ture Identity or HintFlight Characters
Johnny Storm, Jim Hammond
Susan Richards
Jonathan Hart
alias--'Power Woman'
Vance Astrovik
Quintavius Quire
Julie Power
Arthur Parks
Miguel Santos
Shadowcat's dragon friend
Asgardian God of Mischief
Monet St. Croix
alias--'Red Queen'
Amara Aquilla
Max Eisenhardt
Rachel Grey (Earth-811)
Jack Power
Calvin Rankin
'......' Puceanu
Heather Douglas
Karla Sofen
Dr. Michael '.......'
Kevin Sydney (Earth-1081)
Theresa Cassidy
Raven Darkholme
'.....' McKenzie
'........' Prentiss
Advanced sentinel of Earth-811
Jean-Paul Beaubier
Richard Rider, Sam Alexander
Leland Owlsley
Jean Grey
Ture Identity or HintFlight Characters
Megan Gwynn
Lorna Dane
Elizabeth 'Betsy' Braddock
Monica Rambeau
Wendel Vaughn
Posed as Jessica Drew
Falcon's bird
Humberto Lopez
Anna Marie
Wanda Maximoff
Karl Lykos
Robert Reynolds
Michael Twoyoungmen
Melissa Gold
Jessica Drew
Ororo Munroe
Shiro Yashida
Roberto da Costa
alias--'Donald Blake'
Android created by Henry Pym
Victor Shade
Adrian Toomes
A Technarcian
Janet van Dyne
David Cannon
William Kaplan
Simon Williams
Alex Power

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