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Can you name the Marvel Universe Characters That Are Currently Deceased?

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True Identity/HintDeceased Character
Hulk enemy, Emil Blonsky
Synthetic being (Infinity Watch)
Fantastic Four's nanny
Yao, Sorcerer Supreme
X-Men enemy, En Sabh Nur
Philippa Sontag
Olympian God of War
Dominikos Petrakis
Karl '.....'
Masters of Evil, Heinrich '....'
HYDRA's, Wolfgang '...' '.......'
Sentinel Human Council leader
Pym Particles user, Bill Foster
Creator of the Sentinels
Most recent Sorcerer Supreme
Morlock that senses mutants
He merged w/ the Phalanx
X-Men that can pose as anyone
SHIELD Agent & Hulkbuster
Vanessa Carlysle
Starjammers leader
Irene Adler (Freedom Force)
Leonard '......', gamma doctor
Avenger, Dr. Anthony '.....'
Hellfire Club's White Bishop
Nazi & HYDRA scientist
Maya Lopez (New Avengers)
Evil scientist, Elihas Starr
Manuel de la Rocha
Skurge, Asgardian warrior
Maria Callasantos
New Mutant, Rusty Collins
Paul Ebersol
Merc & former SHIELD Director
True Identity/HintDeceased Character
African American SHIELD officer
Indigenous Australian teleporter
General Ross's 2nd in command
Son of Sabretooth & Mystique
Spider-Man's 1st love interest
Tony Stark's chauffeur
Kodiak Noatak
Asgardian God of the Dead
Jason Macendale
Father of Iron Man
Obidiah Stane, Iron Man enemy
Martial arts Inhumans member
Blaine Colt, western gunslinger
Ulysses '....'
Org. crime financier (Iron Man)
Empress of the Shi'ar empire
Precog, Cassandra Webb
Clone of Jean Grey
Wears the ten power rings
Love interest of Wolverine
Sentinel that became selfaware
Jason Wyngarde
Bruno Hogun
Punisher's weapons suplier
Muir Island genetisist
New Warriors leader, D. Taylor
Teleporting X-Men, Kurt Wagner
Time-Traveling sentinel
Super-Soldier serum (Monroe)
Richard Rider (New Warriors)
Russian X-Men enemy
Leland Owlsley (NYC crimelord)
Captain America love interest
Jean Grey
True Identity/HintDeceased Character
Cosmic entity
Genis-Vell, clone of Mar-Vell
Manipulates fire (Brotherhood)
Charles Xavier
Skrull posed as Spider-Woman
Aleksei Sytsevich (Sinister Six)
Mutant registration act Senator
Anna Marie
Ben Reilly, clone of Spider-Man
Wanda Maximoff
Hellfire Club's Black Queen
Silver Sablinova
Samurai & Clan Yashida leader
Wolverine girlfriend (Weapon X)
Creator of the Spider-Slayers
Young Avenger, Cassie Lang
Clone of Cable from Earth-4935
Tony Masters
John Proudstar (X-Men)
Bestowed powers by Odin
Lonnie Lincoln
Avenger & a western gunslinger
Android created by Henry Pym
Spider-Man's uncle
Captain America of England
Marauder that casues nausea
Young Avenger android, Jonas
Former X-Men & Shi'ar Emperor
Robert Frank
Feral Alpha Flight member
Religious zealot (X-Men enemy)
Simon Williams

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